Vibrant Hair Color Trends

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Vibrant Hair Color Trends

Throughout the years, Beauty Trends and Tips have been accelerating to new and unique heights. From the 50’s Pinup and 70’s Disco to 90’s Grunge and to Early 2000’s Celebrity Red Carpet Glam, better known as Vogue. As we enter into 2016, Big Hair, and Vibrant Colors are becoming more popular than ever! These Vibrant Colors Include the following: Silver/Grey (Check out our article about going gray!), Blues, Purples, Greens, Reds, as well as neon colors that glow under black light. Although these colors seem to target such a younger crowd from early teens to people in their 30’s, these colors can be suitable for people of any age! Whether it’s a peekaboo that can only be seen by its owner, to highlights of color, or even the entire head of hair! Noticing that this trend is becoming popular, it is also becoming known to be socially acceptable to the public.

Many people believe that this trend of funky colors started happening recently. “No one in the 1950’s would be caught dead wearing blues, pinks or purples in their hair!” Well, think again!

Here are some images of our friend Michelle who came in for a touch up on her funky colors:

Did you know?

In 1950, Warner Brothers began filming their epic Movie, “Moby Dick” in Southwest Great Britain, Wales. To play the main role of Captain Ahab, Warner Bros. chose Gregory Peck (34 yrs. old at the time). To age him more, they contacted a firm of wig specialists in London to create attachable individual hair streaks that he could remove daily; Which were called “Hair Flashes” that could be easily be added to Peck’s hair with spirit gum. During the filming, Peck’s female assistants borrowed one of his flashes for a dance and it caused huge buzz! By the end of 1955 salons in the UK and America were getting calls by the dozens from women wanting the new “Vogue” look. These Hair flashes came in various different colors such as, Red, Green, Baby Blue, Yellow, White, and even Hot Pink!

hair flash sample

Prior to the technology that made hair extensions more feasible in the later part of the 20th century, The main choices for hair extensions came only in the form of wigs or clip-ins. Isn’t it crazy that the grandfather of latest tape-ins was born on the head of actor Gregory Peck?

Check out this Lost footage of former Hair Stylist, Bertram Goodwin, showcasing his Cutting-Edge Salon service on South American actress Alicia Lotti; Selecting different colors of hair that compliment her features and outfit and applying it to the hair line with Spirit Gum! Thankfully now we now have more updated adhesives that apply on more naturally and have keratin added to the glue for a less harsh application!

Although, it’s insane to see how Fashion, Hair Styles, and Makeup trends have progressed over decades, it’s also very intriguing to see society bring them back into different renditions of these past trends!

We have many people come into our salon asking for these vibrant colors!

Here are some Before and After photos of our friend scarlet star who came in recently for some special fx colors. You can see more here: Scarlet Star Before and Afters

Before doing these types of colors there are many things you should know first!

Box Dye

The first, most IMPORTANT, thing you need to know about going into a salon and wanting to get one of these vibrant colors is, NOT TO HAVE BOX DYE ON YOUR HAIR! (Sally’s Beauty Supple Color is also considered box color as well) In order to get these colors vibrant enough to notice, you want to make sure that there is absolutely no box color in your hair because we need to lighten you to a level 7-10(light orange-White blonde) in order to achieve these colors! Box color is incredibly tricky to remove from someone’s hair because the chemicals in box dye are so harsh. Red and Black Box Dye is the hardest to strip out of the hair. Just because you haven’t colored your hair in a month or two, does NOT mean your hair is virgin and it does not mean that the Box Dye is completely out of your hair, just because it faded. The molecules from the Box dye are still in the cuticle of your hair and when stripping this out, your hair could potentially break off and alter the texture of your hair. (Cotton Candy hair is not a good look)

Here are some photos of our friend Scott who had us dye his hair green and black with this “visual kei” look.


When coloring your hair these vibrant colors for the first time, know that they are not permanent (they are Semi-Permanent) which means that it’ll only last between 6-8 weeks. The Color we are using in the Salon is Professional grade hair color.. So of course it’ll last a lot longer than something you bought at Sally’s(NOT PROFESSIONAL GRADE); Manic Panic, Beyond Zone, Ion, Etc.) Of course, the more you put the same color in your hair, over time the better it’ll hold. Once your hair fades, we highly suggest you come back to the salon to get it redone or touched up.. If you use something that is not a professional grade hair color, it could turn out a completely different color than what you were going for. Also, when getting it done for the first time, be sure to NOT wash your hair for at least 48 hours. The color needs time to settle in your hair before you wash it. In order to keep these colors lasting longer, you want to make sure you wash your hair with a Sulfate Free PROFESSIONAL, shampoo, and to rinse in COLD water. If you rinse your hair in warm-hot water, the cuticle of your hair will open and all the color will leak out. The Cold water keeps the cuticle of your hair closed and gives it a nice shine, and diminishes frizz. Make sure you are not using products that have Cetyl Alcohol, Butane, Propane, Sulfate, Parabens, or anything that contains acidic ingredients in them. This can cause the hair to break and wash out the color quicker than ever!

Here’s a very cool 8yr old who’s hair we dyed with special fx colors!


NEVER submerge your hair in a pool that contains Chlorine when having a vibrant color in your hair. The best solution you could come up with is if you put your hair up or put a swim cap on. As long as no chlorine touches your hair, it should be fine. Chlorine can cause a chemical reaction when it come in contact with these colors. It could break, the color could turn into something completely different, and if that were to happen, it’s very difficult for a stylist to fix it.

Chlorine vs Hair Process

Thus can happen to your hair too if you’re not careful!

(Getting rid of it) If for any reason you want to get rid of your color and you would rather go back to something natural, or a different vibrant color, please go speak with your stylist. DO NOT try to do it yourself. Many accidents have happened when “Kitchen Beauticians” decide to do it themselves. We want your hair to stay as healthy as possible and there are certain precautions we as stylist have to take when trying to get rid of these colors or to change them into something different. *NOTE: The Solution is not always to bleach out your hair or your color.*So please consult with your stylist about different solutions in order to change your color form one to another. We went to school for a reason, and they teach you a pretty large amount of chemistry and what exactly what to do in certain situations such as these. If you don’t know what you’re doing then it could be fatal for your hair.

Here’s another awesome red and black dye job we did at Seven Sins Salon her in Lakewood, Colorado:

Be prepared for stares

Having your hair a Special FX Vibrant color can definitely cause some attention. Many will stare are you, many will compliment, and some will even ask you weird questions like, “Why is your hair that color? Are you supporting your local team? Are your parents okay with you looking like that? How does your job feel about it? etc.” In all honestly, it shouldn’t matter what people think or say to you. Many people are still not on board with accepting things like this in every day society! So Don’t think that you’re too old, too young, or won’t be socially excepted by everyone when you have colors like this in your hair! You are your own person and whatever you decide to do with yourself is your own business. It’s what makes you unique. Plus, who doesn’t like to have some color in their life? If everything was black and white the entire time, life would be so dull! So remember, you are beautiful as you are and if you want to do something fun like this, don’t let anyone stop you! As a stylist, our job is to give you fun, beautiful, sexy hair and to make you feel good about yourself! We don’t mind sitting down with you and discussing which colors will go well with your skin tone and which one will compliment your features way better!

If you would like to see some more of our portfolio photos, please click here!

Melissa O'Connell
Melissa O'Connell
In only a short 6 years Melissa has gone from assisting to managing to owning her own salon! Check out all of her work over at our portfolio page.

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