Silver Hair w/ Blue Undertones – Heather

Julian Black Front
Julian Black – Red & Black Highlight Streaks
June 18, 2016
Rachel Briseno
Coral Hair – Rachel Briseno
June 13, 2016
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  • TaskLighten, Cut, Color

We would like to Thank Heather for coming in and being patient with us while we were trying to achieve the color she wanted! Heather came in to us with a Level 5/6 Brown and wanted to go Silver with Blue undertones. Although she came in with virgin hair, this process was not done in a day. We did this over 2 separate processes in a matter of 4 weeks. After the first process of lightening her, we decided to tone her to a nice Golden Blonde that she could walk around with in the mean time while her hair was taking a break.. Then when she came back, we acheived the Silver with All-Nutrient High Lift Cream Color, SLC, Blue/Violet Accent and 30 Volume for 45 minutes! Also you can see how Iridescent and different the color looks with Indoor Fluorescent Lighting Vs. All Natural Outside Lighting! Just remember that good hair comes to those who wait!