Pink Fusion – Amelia Bagnaschi

Blonde with Pink and Purple Streaks
June 25, 2016
Kristina Neville Side
Unicorn Hair – Kristin Neville
June 22, 2016
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Amelia Bagnaschi Front
  • TaskPink Fusion Hair Makeover (Cut, Color, & Style)

Amelia came in to get her hair dyed all pink with some Dimension. After a quick consultation with Melissa, they decided to add in some purples instead of darker pinks to give it those awesome shadows you see. What do you think of this cut, style, and color? We are amazed at how vibrant the photos came out too, these colors are NOT photo-shopped to enhance the colors. While watermarking these photos we even talked about how fake the colors look lol. I’ve been very excited to post this before/after album. Melissa is definitely Kicking ass with all of her colors!