Green Hair Dye & a Cut – David Eugene Carpenter

Kevin Kadaver Front
Kevin Kadaver – Purple Dye & Cut
June 11, 2016
Jamie Lamb Front No Watermark
Color Correction – Jamie Lamb
March 18, 2016
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David Eugene Carpenter

We would love to thank David for coming in to Seven Sins Salon to get his hair done while visiting Colorado! David traveled from the east coast all the way to Denver for a Drag Show performance. While he was here, he insisted on getting his hair done and we were more than happy to do it! The before picture you see below was after Mel had already cut it, but lets just say he came in with very long hair. We ended up making the sides a white silver and the pompadour an emerald green with hints of purple and teal! Thank you David for coming in to Seven Sins Salon and hanging out with us on your trip out here! You’re awesome!