Color Correction – Jamie Lamb

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Green Hair Dye & a Cut – David Eugene Carpenter
June 8, 2016
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Balayage Highlights and A-Line Cut – Lauren Archuletta
March 18, 2016
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Jamie Lamb Front No Watermark

Jamie came in to Seven Sins Salon in hopes of getting something different! She has been coloring her hair with black box dye for years now! Since her grey is a lot of work for her to keep up with, she was hoping to go silver as soon as possible so it would be less maintenance. When she came in, her hair was freshly colored black about 3 weeks prior to her appointment! I explained to her that since her hair was freshly colored and it was BOX DYE that it would take about 3-6 months to achieve what she was looking for, since we wanted to keep the integrity of her hair as healthy as possible. Jamie agreed to start the process of getting the black box color out of her hair and was willing to do whatever we could in order to keep her length and to keep it as healthy as possible. We did 2 color corrections, lightened her with Wella Blonder all over, and then toned her. I am still so shocked that we were able to get her THIS LIGHT from BLACK BOX DYE, and STILL was able to keep the integrity of her hair as healthy as possible. This color correction took about 7 hours; Starting her appointment from 10am and ending at 5pm. Although we didn’t get her to silver, we still managed to achieve a White Gold Blonde that is just BEAUTIFUL on her and compliments her complexion. We decided to keep her the blonde you see in her photos so she could have fun with it for a while before we completely went silver! As you can see, her grey roots blend nicely into her new blonde color! We are so exited for Jamie to have a completely new look that is just gorgeous! So thank you Jamie for spending the day with us at Seven Sins Salon and giving us the opportunity to give you a new look! You Rock!!!