Coconut Oil VS Apple Cider Vinegar

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apple cider vinegar vs coconut oil

One of the most “Beneficial” beauty products out there right now that everyone is buzzing about it Coconut Oil. I can’t count how many people I have spoken to, that the secret ingredient to their Beauty Regimen, Weight Loss, Teeth Whitening, Softer Skin, Cooking Substitutes, Workout Routine, etc. Is Refined Organic Coconut Oil! As amazing as coconut oil is, and all the ‘supposed’ benefits we gain from using it in our everyday personal lives, we forget all of the other household items that can be good for us, and even have a lot more benefits that will help us throughout our lives! Many people talk about Coconut Oil, and use it as a Solution for most of their problems.
Coconut Oil is an edible oil extracted from the meat of adult coconuts. Did you know that coconut oil has absolutely No Vitamins or Minerals in it? It’s straight saturated fat. I believe that Coconut Oil has many benefits, but only to a certain extent because, well, it’s only Fat.

Coconut Oil vs. Hair

Coconut Oil in hair

One of the most reported uses of coconut oil is to repair Dry, Damaged, and Distressed (or over processed) hair. Claims have been made that Coconut Oil will repair split ends and help from your hair breaking off. Many people have added 1tsp – 2Tbsp of Coconut oil to their favorite conditioner, after shampooing, and leave it in there hair up to a couple of hours for a “deep conditioning treatment”. The belief of this is the oil nourishing the dry damaged hair and depositing as much “protein” into the hair to keep it from breaking or splitting. Well, as we just informed you, there is No protein in Coconut Oil. Oil can help damaged hair strands by increasing the tensile strength of the hair, reducing the frizziness and preventing breakage. It acts as a coating for the hair and forms a protective layer for the hair shaft. This can best be helpful when Blowdrying, Using a Hot Iron or Rollers, or Styling the hair. So Coconut Oil is Beneficial to the hair, but for other reasons than you may think.

Coconut Oil vs. Skin

Applying small amounts of Coconut Oil on your skin can leave it feeling smooth and soft!

Applying small amounts of Coconut Oil on your skin can leave it feeling smooth and soft!

When coconut oil is applied to your skin, it instantly becomes smooth to the touch! Due to the amount of Saturated Fat that coconut oil contains, it retains the moisture content of the skin. The fats eliminate moisture loss through the pores on skin, thus keeping it healthy and smooth, giving it an even tone and reducing the appearance of the pores, and making it a really good moisturizer. When using Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer, just be cautious of the amount that you are using, especially when it comes to your face! Reports have been made that coconut oil can diminish large pores, but depending on the amount your skin can handle, it can also clog them. From personal experience, we find it best to melt 1 tsp. of Coconut oil, dab a cotton ball in it, and lightly apply to the face.

Coconut Oil Vs. Health

Coconut Oil Meme
Many people claim Coconut Oil is great for your health. Apparently,populations that eat a lot of Coconut Are Among The Healthiest People on The Planet. The actual fruit is what gives you Nutrients, Vitamins, Protein, and the Minerals you need. It all comes from the Meat of the coconut, but the oil that is extracted from the meat, is just fat! People say things such as:

“By eating 2 Tbsp a day, you can lose weight!”
“Coconut Oil is great for Oil Pulling!”
“Coconut Oil cures Herpes!”
“It’s great for depression!”
“Coconut Oil helped my boyfriend stop being a prick!”

But in all honesty, How can you believe all of these things can work and help improve your health when you are just smothering “Fat” on all over everything? The only way we can see Coconut Oil being great for your health, is by replacing it with with other oils or even butter, when cooking. Coconut Oil is the Mother of all Oils. It’s so rich and smooth compared to other oils, that you only need so little. So in turn, you use less than what you would normally use when cooking with other substitutes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Fruit and Oil

We aren’t saying that Coconut Oil isn’t good for you and has no benefits. We are suggesting that society see’s or hears one thing through social media, and then blow it out of proportion. Who knows. Everyone’s body is different and excepts things differently. If Coconut Oil works for you, and has changed your life, then keep at it! Only you know your body best! But we want to show you some fact about another inexpensive house hold item that can give you quadruple the benefits, real results, and will actually will help improve your health down the line!

There are many people out there that still believe in “all-natural” household items are the key to obtaining better skin, healthier hair, and also a cure to an illness. Well all know that professional Health and Beauty products can be pricey and aren’t always affordable. That’s why we have a secret to share with you! How would you feel if you could buy a product that’s so inexpensive and easy to obtain from your local grocery store that would still be able to give you all the benefits you are receiving from the expensive products? Well, that’s where Apple Cider Vinegar (AVC) comes into play

Apple Cider Vinegar - Hair

Spraying Apple Cider Vinegar onto your hair can make hair strands stronger and give it amazing shine!

Apple Cider Vinger - Skin

Using Apple Cider Vinegar as a face wash or toner can alter the PH Balance of your skin, leaving it Smooth and free of Blemishes

For those of you that are quite unsure as to what exactly ACV is, It’s the “Mother” of all Vinegar’s out there. ACV has a pale amber color and contains a variety of nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, beta-carotene and lycopene. The compound also contains minerals such as sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. With all of these quality nutrients included in AVC, it can be used for a wide range of uses, Such as the Following:

  • Use as a hair rinse to replenish the PH Level of your hair and to add body and shine
  • Spray on to Fix breakage from distressed or over processed hair
  • Spray on to Improve Porosity of hair
  • Use as a facial cleanser or toner to boost the pH of your skin and diminish blemishes/blackheads
  • Spray on to reduces buildup or dandruff on scalp
  • Spray on to help Treat Hair Loss
  • Can be used as a mouthwash to kill bacteria,control bad breath, and whiten teeth
  • Drink 1-2 shots per day to prevent flu and decrease allergies
  • Drink 1-2 shots daily to Aid weight loss by decreasing appetite and increasing metabolism
  • Drink 1-2 shots per day to reduce cellulite
  • Drink 1-2 shots per day to balances the body’s pH level and to give you energy
  • and many more…
Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

But, not only is ACV handy in the Health and Beauty aspect, but it can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner around the house! By mixing 1/2 cup of AVC to 1 cup of water, you will create a very potent disinfectant without the harsh chemicals. Pretty Cool right?

Now the real question; “How can you be sure ACV is better for me than Coconut Oil?” Look at the nutrition differences. There are more Vitamins and Minerals in Apple Cider Vinegar than there are in Coconut Oil. ACV has many more uses than coconut oil does, in the aspect of Cleaning, Disinfecting, Dietary, Hair Loss, Hair Repair and shine, Curving Appetite, Balancing PH Levels, and many more! Coconut Oil is just great for softer skin and putting a barrier over the hair. Honestly if you don’t believe us, try it for yourself! If you already use one of these items, maybe try both, or switch over to the other. Right down your experience and which one you think is better for you. If you have experienced using either one of these products, how was it? What changed for you? Did you get the results you were looking for? Did you see a difference? Comment Below, We’d love to hear your feedback!

Melissa O'Connell
Melissa O'Connell
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    It’s also said to be a natural cure for vaginal infections and be good for overall vaginal health. We know that vaginal infections come from Ph imbalances, so it makes sense why ACV would work.

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